About Me

About ME


As a 9 Year Army Veteran, I served our country proudly, and held the rank of Sergeant. Also, I had a great career in management at UPS, was able to Retire in January 2022, and absolutely love what I am doing now. Now I am serving once again, but this time I am serving our local communities and homeowners by educating them on the many advantages of solar, while also saving them a lot of money. I am a solar customer, have had solar for almost two (2) years now, and it’s one of the best financial decisions I have ever made.

Even in the unlikely event that you don’t say yes to IntegriSolar, have you considered the financial consequences of continuing to rent your electricity from the power company?

I am not sure yet if I can help you but call me today at 352-405-0758 to schedule a FREE in-home analysis.

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