Are you thinking of making your home more energy efficient and making it more environmentally friendly, while reducing your expenses related to energy use? You would be considering alternative energy sources like solar energy. But before making a decision there would be many doubts that homeowners would want to clear. IntegriSolar provides you with answers to some frequently asked questions. We hope this is helpful. You can always clear your doubts with the team from IntegriSolar. Call us at (352) 660-3511 to schedule a free estimate.

Still need clarification?

IntegriSolar offers multiple services that will make your home more energy efficient. We first conduct a home energy audit. The experts at IntegriSolar will inspect the home and inform you of energy leaks. These leaks can be due to faulty insulation or air ducts. We offer duct and sealing spray foam insulation services, along with solar roof installation. After the energy audit, the team from IntegriSolar recommends solar solutions that meet your home’s requirements.

Sunlight that is absorbed by solar panels generates direct current (DC). The DC is converted to alternating current (AC), which is the usable form of electrical energy. The AC runs from an inverter to the breaker box (electrical panel in homes) from where it is distributed all over. Energy-dependent appliances like water heaters, HVAC systems, dishwashers, etc., function with this electricity. If excess electricity is generated by your solar panels it can be used to get credit points from the utility company.

The solar installation process and the size of the solar energy system needed will be influenced by the monthly energy consumption, factors like how much sun is received by the panels and for how long, the amount of shade, direction and angle of panel facing, etc.

Solar panel installation costs vary because IntegriSolar offers customized solar energy systems that are tailor-made to meet the energy needs of each home. We decide what kind of solar installation works best based on the size of the house, the lifestyle of the family, and the energy efficiency of the building.

The lifespan of solar panels lies between 25 to 30 years according to studies. IntegriSolar can be trusted to provide guidance and help you with a home energy-saving plan that will help prolong the life of your solar panels.
A solar panel system can help save between 40 to 80 % of your electricity bill. You can also benefit from net metering. The net metering process allows you to send excess electrical energy generated to your utility company in return for credit on future credit bills. There are also local and federal incentives that homeowners opting for solar installation can avail of.

A grid-tie solar panel system is connected to a public utility grid. All the energy generated by your solar panels is stored in this grid. With a grid-tie system, you do not need storage batteries. If you have access to use power lines, this is a cost-effective option.

An off-grid solar panel system is required when you cannot access power lines on your property. You store energy in batteries for future use.

There are state and federal incentives that homeowners can avail of. Floridians who install residential solar panels are exempted from sales or property taxes for the solar panels. You can save up to 6% of your tax expenses by utilizing Florida’s Solar and CHP sales tax exemption.
Your property value is expected to go up when solar installation is done.

However, you will not be required to pay additional property tax for solar panel installation because of the Property Tax Abatement for Renewable Energy.

Yes! Solar-equipped homes were shown to sell for $16,995 more on average in a study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Our specialized solar energy and home efficiency solutions make IntegriSolar your preferred one-stop shop for solar energy and energy-efficient homes. Call us at (352) 405-0758 or get in touch with us online for a free estimate by an expert team from IntegriSolar today!

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