Solar Panel Installation

Go Solar. Save Money. Save Time. Save Earth.

Getting the right renewable energy system in Florida can help you save up to $80,000 in energy bills. We have a variety of affordable solar products for different house types and energy consumption levels, so you can easily choose a solar solution perfect for your home.

Here at IntegriSolar, our operations team will help you get the best deal for the unique energy needs of your home.Talk to our solar expert today to find out how much you can save on your electricity bills!

How Exactly Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar energy is a renewable, cost-effective, and clean form of energy. Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells, also called solar cells, are made up of semiconductors capable of absorbing light’s energy and converting it into electrical energy. When photons come in contact with solar cells, they set electrons free from atoms. If conductors are connected to the cell, they form an electric circuit, electrons then flow through the circuit, generating electricity.

Multiple solar cells comprise a solar panel capable of generating solar energy. A solar array is formed by multiple solar panels (modules). More solar panels simply mean more electricity generated.

Why Are Solar Panels A Good Choice?

There are other ways of saving energy, like better insulation and sealing, energy-efficient heating of water, and high-performing heating and cooling systems. A solar thermal system can obtain solar-heated water that will save energy expenses.

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity In Florida

Solar photovoltaic panels harness solar energy and help reduce your energy costs. Solar energy is the best renewable energy source for the sunshine state. It is green, non-polluting, and available everywhere.

Solar panels are also priced lower. The price of solar panels has dropped considerably to nearly 70% since 2014. This is because of the advances in PV technology and the incentives offered by local and federal programs.

IntegriSolar will help you decide if a solar photovoltaic system meets your unique requirements. Also, we offer home energy audits that will help you identify ways to save energy and related expenses. Contact us for a free estimate for a solar panel system tailored to meet your needs.

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