Considerations Before Home Solar Installation

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What Factors Must Be Considered Before Solar Panel Installation

Blog Summary : IntegriSolar shares some points for consideration before installing solar panels.

Renewable energy is increasingly popular among households across the US. Using clean energy is beneficial to minimizing carbon footprint, reducing expenditure on energy, and increasing the value of homes. These advantages are influencing many to opt for solar energy solutions. 

Homeowners can get professional guidance and assistance from a local solar installation company that understands the requirements of the region. Homeowners considering solar energy solutions in Florida can get professional solar installation from IntegriSolar. IntegriSolar is a company that specializes in the services of solar energy, spray foam insulation, and roofing. The company is committed to making homes as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. This article by IntegriSolar deals with factors that homeowners must consider when deciding to install solar panels. 

The following are aspects to consider and discuss with professionals when planning to choose solar panel installation:

1. The Energy Efficiency Of The Home

Before shifting to solar energy the energy use in a home and the need for other measures to promote energy efficiency must be evaluated. A home energy audit helps to shed light on what causes energy loss and what can be done to prevent it. IntegriSolar also provides spray foam insulation services that make homes more energy efficient. Being aware of energy consumption patterns, the amount of energy used, and the requirements of the household will help to determine the size of the solar panel system and calculate the number of solar panels to be installed. 

2. Roof

If you plan to install solar panels, the roof must be in good condition, and robust. Any renovations needed must be completed in advance. After solar panels are installed, roof repairs may cost more time and money as the panels may need to be dismantled. 

The direction of the roof also plays an important role in determining how much sunlight the solar panels will be exposed to. Depending on the location of the home, professional solar panel installers will evaluate and provide guidance.

The area, shape, slope, and material of the roof will also have a bearing on solar panel installation. Though the area required depends on how much energy is needed and the size of the home, a minimum of 200 square feet is usually required. 

3. How Suitable The Home is For Solar Installation

The size of the solar panel system installed and the amount of solar energy reaching it determine how much solar power is generated by it. There are mapping services and tools that help to determine the solar energy of a home. But these tools may not factor in all the variables that need to be considered. A solar installer is better equipped to assess the solar potential of a home accurately.

Some of the following aspects must be considered:

Trees growing on the property or nearby create shade that obstructs sunlight from falling on solar panels.

Any neighborhood or resident association guidelines or restrictions, and state or local body laws must be looked into.

4. Available Solar Options

There are two solar technologies and the choice must be made based on the requirements of each home. 

1. Photovoltaic: An array of cells turns sunlight into electricity.

2. Thermal: Here, sunlight is used to heat water or air utilized in homes.

5. Understanding Available Subsidies and Incentives

There are several subsidies and incentives granted to encourage the use of solar energy. State, local, and utility incentives can be checked on the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency. There is also a range of solar financing options. Homeowners in Florida may be eligible for sales tax exemption when buying solar panels. They may also be able to sell surplus electricity to the solar power company for Renewable Energy Credits. IntegriSolar will guide these aspects and also offers customers some easy-to-use financing options.

6. Leasing Or Buying Solar Panels?

Leasing a solar installation system costs little upfront and gives cheaper electricity. But the company owns the solar panel system and the electricity it provides must be paid for at a certain rate.

Buying solar panels and installing them incur costs upfront. But the savings will continue long after the initial cost of purchase is recovered. Costs may also be reduced by subsidies and incentives.

7. Finding The Best Solar Installer

Finding a reliable solar installer is important. The solar company must have the experience, credentials, and good references and reviews. Homeowners looking for solar installers in Florida can choose IntegriSolar. The company has the experience and is committed to bringing solar energy solutions to as many homes and businesses across Florida.

A solar panel installation is an option that is more and more attractive now. The reduced energy expenses, it being clean and green energy, and the subsidies and incentives now available make it a good choice. This is especially true in a state like Florida, where sunlight is an abundantly available resource. IntegriSolar, with its dedication to people and the environment, is an ideal solar installation company for Florida residents. They can be contacted at (352) 405-0758 for solar installation, spray foam insulation, or roofing services in Florida. 


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