Lifespan of Solar Panels

How Long Can Solar Panels Work?

Solar energy is a popular source of energy all over the US. It is a renewable energy source that causes less harm to the environment while saving energy expenses. With the increased use of solar panels, it is good that there is an understanding of how long solar panels function. 

IntegriSolar is a highly-rated solar company in Florida. They offer spray foam insulation, solar panel installation, and roofing services. This company aims to provide Florida homeowners with the best solar energy system and installation services. In this article, IntegriSolar shares information on how long solar panels can last.

In general, solar panels are said to have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years. Twenty-five years is the performance guarantee period that the solar industry usually offers. But there is a high probability that solar panels will produce energy beyond the warranty period generally provided. There are solar panels that have been known to function for forty years. Solar panels do not stop working when the warranty period is over. Their efficiency does decrease significantly as they approach that age. 

The lifespan of solar panels depends on factors like solar panel degradation rate, local weather conditions, and how well the solar panel maintenance is done. 

Panel degradation

Solar panel degradation is the reduction in solar output over time. The first-year solar panel degradation rate differs from the later years. This is called the burn-in due to a light-induced degradation caused by boron (used in some photovoltaic cells) reacting with oxygen.

Maximizing the life of solar panels

Solar panels help homeowners to save on their energy bills. Extending their life is desirable for homeowners who want to get the most out of their investment in solar panel installation. Knowing what affects the lifespan of solar panels is helpful. 

Factors influencing how long solar panels last

1. Local Weather Conditions

A thermocycling phenomenon occurs in climates where surface temperatures rise to 150 Fahrenheit and then go down by 50 to 100 degrees at night. Cells and racking can get damaged when they expand at high temperatures and contract at lower temperatures. Even less drastic weather patterns can lead to daily expansion and contraction of solar panel materials, leading to wear and tear.

If solar panels are covered in snow, the sunlight is blocked, and energy production also goes down. Having solar panels at a slope of 20 degrees or more can help reduce energy production losses. Snow can also be scraped off the solar panels with a squeegee tied to the end of a telescoping pole. 

Hailstones can cause damage to solar panels, which will vary because of how often hail storms occur and how big the hailstones are.

2. How Solar Panels are Maintained

Solar panels need to be cleaned. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the climate, and the amount of dust, debris, and snow the solar panels get exposed to varies from place to place. In Florida, solar panels may usually need cleaning after the pollen season.  The frequent rains in Florida may rinse the panels making this season an annual cleaning time. However, if required, periodic rinses using water and a soft-bristled brush or sponge will help to wash off accumulated dust. Early morning is ideal for cleaning solar panels as the overnight dew loosens residual dirt. 

3. Reliable Solar Panel Installers

The best way to get maximum performance and life from solar panels is to choose a reliable contractor for solar panel installation. It is good to research options before selecting a solar company for the job. The reviews and ratings of solar installers in the area can be checked. Talking to different companies, getting an idea of their services, and getting quotes from them will help make an informed decision. Choosing the best installer might not always be the cheapest option. But a reliable solar installer will ensure fewer problems in the long run and optimal performance of the solar panels. IntegriSolar, a solar installation company, based in Gainesville, FL, cares for and is committed to its customers and the environment. So, their solar panel installation is done with utmost care to quality. 

Solar energy is certainly here to serve increasing energy needs more sustainably, especially in the sunshine state of Florida. Homeowners must get the maximum use from them, but from the cost perspective, and generate less waste to be disposed of by reducing the frequency of discarding the solar panels that have been used. IntegriSolar provides service directly without involving subcontractors and offers the most extended warranties in the industry. Florida residents can expect the best solar panel installation services as this is a locally owned and operated company. For a free quote from IntegriSolar for spray foam insulation, roofing, and renewable energy solutions in Florida, call (352) 405-0758 or visit the IntegriSolar office in Gainesville, Florida.


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