IntegriSolar of Central Florida Answers What is a Solar Ready Roofing System

IntegriSolar Answers What is a Solar Ready Roofing System

Whether used for a home or commercial structure, solar energy systems provide a lot of value. Electricity often represents one of the most costly monthly expenditures for any structure, and solar energy systems play an important role in reducing energy costs and pollution while increasing energy security. Because of this, and many other reasons, solar power and solar-ready roofing systems have become increasingly important, says IntegriSolar.

What Is Solar-Ready Roofing?

A solar-ready roof makes solar installation easy and optimal in the future. These considerations also help prevent damage to the roofing system and the solar system under common conditions such as wind and rain. Here are a few of the top factors for builders, roofing services, and solar installers to consider in a solar-ready roof structure. 

Roof Pitch

The first important consideration is the roof pitch. The ideal roof pitch to accommodate solar panels is  10° to 30°. This is because solar panels need to be tilted slightly to get the best light and to shed rain and debris. Additionally, it is easier and more cost-efficient to install a solar panel array flush to a roof than it is to use a tilt frame.

Sun Obstructions

Structures such as parapets can reduce the wind load on a structure and solar panels, but they can also increase shading and decrease electricity production.

Wind Load

Solar panels are subject to wind uplift or downforce. Flush-mounted panels are subject to the least impact, while tilted arrays are subject to more pronounced forces. 

Roof Access

Roof maintenance personnel and solar panel installers need easy and safe access to the roof. Because of this, solar system placement is an important consideration. 

Solar Installation Trends in Solar-Ready Roofing

Across the nation, states are increasingly adopting energy-efficient standards that require all newly constructed commercial and residential structures to have solar-ready roofs. While commercial or residential builders or owners are not required to install solar systems, the roofs must be prepared for them in the future. While not yet required in every state, more states and municipalities are adopting these standards each year. 

Why is a Solar-Ready Roofing System Important?

Solar energy systems can last for 30 years when properly installed and maintained. However, installing a solar system on a roofing system that is not already or ideally prepared for one can lead to problems, especially when installed by less qualified companies or solar installation companies that do not necessarily understand the complexities of a roofing system. Some of these problems include damage to the roof on installation that causes leaks and additional unexpected costs. 

The best time to think about solar installation is before installation and during the roof design and preplanning stages. No matter the type of roof and materials, a solar-ready roofing system means avoiding problems and costly structural damage or damage to the solar system due to incorrect installation practices. 

Solar Installation

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