Tips for Setting Home Energy Goals

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With kids home from school and more people working from home, homeowners have noticed a substantial increase in home energy usage. Keeping cool during the summer and staying constantly connected can come at a cost. Adding these home energy-saving tips to your home can help you lessen energy usage while also lowering your costs. Check out IntegriSolar of Tampa’s tips for setting home energy goals.

There are indeed plenty of ways to conserve energy in your home. Perhaps the best place to start is with an energy audit. This thorough inspection can help pinpoint areas in your home that might be causing energy leaks. During the IntegriSolar of Tampa’s examination, our team of energy experts analyzes ducts, insulation, appliances, and more before offering energy-saving recommendations. Most homeowners choose to use these suggestions as an energy goal-setting guide.

Generally, homes of all sizes and ages can benefit from energy-efficient changes. In fact, many of these upgrades can retain and increase the resale value of your home. Some foundational recommendations include tightening ductwork, improving insulation, and operating your thermostat efficiently. By making these changes, less energy is used to maintain a constant temperature in your home. There are additional quick fixes that can help you attain your home energy goals. Swapping incandescent bulbs for LEDs, adding blinds or drapes to mitigate sunlight, and replacing HVAC filters regularly can make a big difference.

If you are ready to lessen your home’s energy usage, start by implementing these energy-saving tips above or schedule a free estimate with IntegriSolar of Tampa. With the help of our professional team, making these improvements could be easier than you think.


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